Get Some

This ones a bit of reflection on past and present, quite possibly still the future too.





Get Some

The greatest piece of art
It was made along time ago
Gave us stone tablets upon a mountain
Passed down from way below
Many words have been written
An many paintings sung
Cause when you get right down to it
Everybody wants some

So come on and get some

So their getting down to making up
The rights for the human
I think it’s just a smoke screen
To make you feel as free as I’am
An their marching an their talking
In the groups that they form
Well I guess these things are gonna happen
When it’s love that your running from

Come on an get some
Come on an give some

Their abusing politics
To try and put right what’s wrong
Always looking at the issues
When the cause is never really gone
This worlds a bloody battleground
With explosions of liberty
Ain’t it funny how these little things
‘ll keep you from me

Come on and get some
Come on and get some

Well I don’t believe in much
Except if your faith is strong
It don’t matter much about anybody else
You just keep on

Yeah keep on
You give some, you get some
An keep on


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