Key Inside

Here’s a song I wrote awhile ago.




Key inside


Well you babel on
Telling your stories
Crown the heroes with worldly glories
Answers are hidden in between your embellished lines


And you expect
Me to believe
The tricks you pull from your sleeve
I have no doubt they can be done
I’m just sure your not the cure


Oh in this life
It is so easy to be brought down
When all you have to do
Is take a look around


You outlaw nature
But this world is free
At least that’s what your telling me
Credit where the credit is due
You may find it is for a few


Oh in this world
Is there anything you would change
Oh in this whole world
Is there anything you find strange
Oh in this life
Is there anything that you would save


They’ll babel on
Telling their stories
Forget about their crowning glories
This world is yours when you find
The key inside


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Thanks for listening.

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